Top Essential Features To Look for in CCTV Camera Systems

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Security is not something anyone would like to compromise. To that effect, CCTV cameras have become an integral part of security and surveillance systems in any public space or workplace. Therefore, it becomes important that you invest in a CCTV camera that checks all the right boxes. 

In light of the above, here are a few essential features you need to consider before investing in a CCTV camera system:

High-Definition and Wide-Angle Video

One of the most important features any CCTV camera should have is high definition and wide-angle video. The main purpose of a CCTV camera is to capture images for future reference and perusal. If the video quality is not up to par, the whole purpose of a CCTV camera would be lost. A high-definition camera would provide high picture quality, and one with a wide-angle lens would enable it to cover a much wider area as well.

Night Vision/Low-Light Cameras

Having a low-light vision is an important prerequisite for any CCTV camera. The importance of having a CCTV camera with night vision or low light vision becomes prominent when any crimes or adverse incidents occur at night. Night vision cameras will help you capture the image or incidence in perfect clarity, irrespective of the lack of light.

Remote Access

Another integral feature you must definitely have in a CCTV camera is remote access. Many of the latest models have a remote access facility wherein you can access the live footage from your mobile or computer device. This becomes particularly helpful in cases where you are out of station and you can be assured of the safety and security of your premises. Remote access cameras provide much needed sense of control and assurance, which are the major driving factors behind installing CCTV cameras in the first place.

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Automatic Network Recovery

Now most of the CCTV cameras come with a feature called Automatic Network Recovery (ANR). This allows the CCTV cameras to automatically store video recordings into the camera's SD card when the network is disconnected. The video recordings will be sent back to the storage server once the network has been restored. Thus, all of the video recordings would be saved even if the network fails temporarily. No network link is required to do this process, so it means the camera can act as a completely standalone device when the recorder is down. 

Intrusion Detection

Last but not least, Intrusion Detection is also an essential feature to look for in CCTV camera systems. Intrusion detection is a video analytics function on security cameras.  Intrusion detectors watch an area by detecting and surveying movements to capture events. The Intrusion feature is an intuitive Smart Detection method that is used to capture break-ins or other criminal activity. Intrusion Detection CCTV cameras can be used for supervising a warehouse, retail store, banks etc.

These are just a few of the top essential features of CCTV cameras that you need to consider before you install the same in your residential or commercial premises. A CCTV camera should be capable of various roles and modules so as to render its use in the most effective manner. Instead of run-off-the-mill CCTV camera systems, it is always best to invest in a CCTV camera from a company that values the price you pay and delivers high performance and quality.

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