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IP Based PA System


It is wide application to classroom, multi-media classroom, office, conference room, prison, hospital office, metro, and other places, to broadcast some recorded audio documents or background music, and to be used as local broadcast.



  • Professional integration wall mounted design, the speaker case meet sound resonance principle design, with elegant and beautiful appearance.
  • Adopt embedded computer and DSP audio processing technology, high speed industrial SCM system chips, to ensure the start-up time is less than 1 second.
  • Build-in one network hardware audio decoding module, it supports TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP (multicast protocol), to realize the network transfer audio signal of 16 CD class perfect sound quality.
  • Build-in 2 channel digital amplifier 2-20W , 1 channel to connect main speaker, the other to connect assistant speaker , with smooth and strong sound quality, and network volume setting.
  • Built in high performance master standby switching module, Off the net Power failure Master / standby switch time less than 0.3 seconds, Through network power on Master / standby switch time less than 0.3 seconds
  • With 1 AUX input, independent volume potentiometer control, support offline local paging function. Support mute volume preset and background music mix output preset
  • Built-in 100v signal backup module, it supports 100V signal input to switch into 100V signal in case of network failure or power off, to achieve dualline redundancy.
  • Built in with 2.4G wireless audio module, Transmission frequency: 2.4000 - 2.53MHz, HIFI, good anti-interference ability. It has the highest 64K @ 16bit x 2 in the field, and has HDCD sound effect. The sound is delayed (< 0.5ms).Frequency response: 80-16KHz.
  • It will enter the paring status automatically when open, after paring successfully, it will have the reminding sound to shift to the receiving status automatically.
  • The connection distance of automatic paring between the mainframe and mic is ≤3 m, with paring connection time ≤3 s.
  • It realizes the encryption transmission and the receiver supports the automatic sweep frequency function to avoid the interference easily.
  • 2.4G mic volume supports volume adjustment function. Built-in microphone reverb function. With laser pointer and PTT flip function.
  • It has the charging function with charging management, supports charging and working simultaneously. It uses the Micro USB to charge and can use cell phone charger as well.
  • Built-in MP3 player function, 8GTF memory card. With recording function.
  • The frequency distance (power) can be set by itself. Working distance up to 30 meters.
    1) Build-in 2 priority settings:
    2) Network voice alarm is prior to AUX and Network BGM
    3) AUX is prior to Network BGM
  • Support local AUX and Blue tooth input to fulfill local broadcast in case of network offline.
  • Compatible with Router, PABX, bridge gateway, modem, intelnet,2G,3G,4G, multicast, unicast and any other network construction.
  • Easy extension, no limit, for geographical location, no need additional management equipment, share public network to avoid extra cabling for easy installation



Network Interface

Standard RJ45 input

Support protocol

TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP (Multicast)

Audio format


Sampling Rate


Transmission Speed


Audio Mode

16 bit CD quality

Output frequency

80Hz~16KHz +1dB/-3dB




> 65dB

AUX input sensitivity

350mV (Unbalanced) industry standard connectors

100V Constant Input Back-up


Operating temperature


Operating humidity

20% ~ 80% Relative humidity, non-condensing

Power Consumption


Input power supply

~190-240V 50-60Hz





Ordering Information

Part Number Description Standard Quantity


2.4G IP Network Active Speaker



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