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Data Center Cabinets


CACS (Cold Aisle Containment System) By using cold aisle containment system, the hot and cold air streams are separated; providing significant energy savings over traditional uncontained configurations. High energy costs and consumption rates have forced professionals to consider hot-air and cold-air containment strategies. Aisle containment allows uniform inlet temperatures and eliminates hot spots typically found in traditional uncontained data centers. Aisle Cabinet comes with end-of-row dual sliding doors and ceiling panels that enclose the cold aisle between rows of DataCAB Cabinets to prevent mixing of cold and hot air, optimizing cool air delivery. Integral Low Profile Ceiling Structure reduces cooling energy costs. Computer room air conditioning (CRAC) monitors and maintains the temperature, air distribution and humidity in the data center. CRAC units are replacing air-conditioning units that were used in the past to cool data centers due to higher efficiency and lower power consumption.  


  • Cabinets: compatible with 19" International Standards, ETSI, and other standards.
  • Dimensions of cabinets: different dimensions for option, our standard dimension of cabinets are 800*1000*42U.
  • Cooling system: 4-way fan unit and 6-way fan unit for option, order separately.
  • Doors for cabinets: different lockable doors for option.
  • Mounting rails of cabinets: zinc plated.
  • Power solution: different PDUs for option, vertical installation or 19" installation, order separately.
  • Cable managements: available at top and bottom of cabinets.
  • Our standard main entry door : Top half is toughened glass door & bottom half is solid plate door.


  • Reversible arch mesh front door
  • Reversible arch mesh rear door
  • Removable side panels with side pins and side locks


  • Cable entry at bottom and top with adjustable sizes
  • Full set of grounding kits
  • Flat packing recommend, to save shipping freight & warehouse cost, shipped in 2 or 3 carton boxes only
  • Quick assemble series, could build cabinet up less than 20 minutes Specifications
  • Material: SPCC cold rolled steel
  • Thickness: Mounting rails: 2.0mm; others: 1.2mm
  • Surface finishing: Degreasing, pickling, phosphoric, powder coated
  • Static loading capacity: 800kgs


  • ANSI/EIA RS-310-D
  • IEC60297-2
  • DIN41494, PART1
  • DIN41494, PART7
  • Compatible with 19" International Standards, ETSI


1-1: toughened glass door
1-2: toughened glass door with net hole border
1-3: arch mesh door

Rear door options

7-1: solid plate door
7-2: perforated door
7-3: arch mesh door

Rear door options

There are full sets of optional accessories,
please find them in our accessories pages.


No. Specification Qty. Unit Material Surface finishing Remarks
1. Arch mesh door (1-3) 1 pc SPCC Powder coating Spring lock
2. Frame 2 pc SPCC Powder coating -
3. Side frame 2 pc SPCC Powder coating -
4. Side panels 2 pc SPCC Powder coating -
5. Top 1 pc SPCC Powder coating -
6. Mounting rails 4 pc SPCC Powder coating  
7. Arch mesh door (7-3) 1 pc SPCC Powder coating Spring lock
8. Bottom 1 pc SPCC Powder coating -
9. Adjustable feet and 2" wheels 4 set SPCC Powder coating -
10. M6 screws and nuts 40 pc - - 20 sets for 33U lower


Datasheet PDF 634.17KB DOWNLOAD


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