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Networking Accessories


Networking Accessories

  • Back Box for Face Plate

    This back box is used for 86x86mm wall mount faceplate.

  • Cat 6 Shielded Keystone Jack Tool Less 180D

    Norden Cat 6 Shielded Keystone Jack Tool Less 180D are shielded with a two part case giving optimum protection from electromagnetic interference from an outside source. The rear casing is clicked into place after shielded cable has been fed through the centre and terminated to the jack. These Jacks are designed to...

  • Cat 6 U/UTP Key Lock Patch Cord

    Norden Category 6 UTP patch cords are manufactured using high quality unshielded four pair Category 6 stranded cable, and feature cable strain relief boots with a plug latch protection cap. Additionally it’s having Key lock protection to avoid the link connectivity & It’s highly recommendable for datacenter Solution. This patch...