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Ceiling Loudspeaker

Ceiling Loudspeaker

  • Ceiling Speaker (1.5W-3W-6W)

    The N-3104 is a Ceiling Speaker built-in 70v/100v transformer. The 70v/100v  transformer technique reduces line losses on longer distance and allows easy  parallel connection of multiple loudspeakers. The built-in 4” speaker driver is designed of wide frequency response 130- 13kHz, the multiple power taps 1.5W, 3W & 6W are helpful...

  • Fireproof Ceiling Speaker

    The NV-7565 is a fireproof ceiling speaker built-in 70v/100v transformer. The 70v/100v transformer technique reduces line losses on longer distance and allows easy parallel connection of multiple loudspeakers.The built-in 5"speaker driver is designed of wide frequency response 130-18KHz, the multiple power taps 0.38W, 0.75W, 1.5W, 3W & 6W are helpful for different applications...

  • POE Ceiling Speaker

    Professional Integration ceiling speakers equip with network audio decoding function, Built-in digital resistance power amplifier and high-fidelity speakers.Installed in the designated control room, office, room, etc.