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Network Paging Microphone

With 7 inch touch-screen; When no one uses, it enters the sleep state automatically. With 2 hot-key, 1 is for designated partition and the other is for whole area; Users co ..

Paging Microphone (Built-In Chime)

Paging Microphone (Built-In-Chime) ..

Remote Zone Paging Microphone

N-8318 is Remote Paging Console with 5 zone mixer amplifier NI-11120S/NI- 11240S/NI-11350S/NI-11500S, whose communication distance up to 1kms.   The paging console ..

Wired Handheld Microphone

The kirsite structure is solid; the strong elastic steel mesh is strike-resisting without deformation. Special electroplating or baking finish technology is adopted, which resis ..