What is a Biometric smart lock? What are its advantages?

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Gone are the days of traditional locks and security solutions as now even locks have taken the smart road. The growing importance and focus on security and safety has pushed for innovations in the security industry, resulting in the emergence of biometric smart lock systems. Be it homes or the workplace, security threats loom menacingly over us every day. With the introduction of biometric smart locks, the additional levels of security it provides has made homes and businesses safer and more secure.

With all this talk of how effective biometric locks are, this might beg the question - what is a biometric smart lock?

A biometric smart lock is a locking system for doors and safes that uses the help of biometric technology like fingerprint,  voice identification or facial recognition to lock and unlock. Biometric smart lock systems have taken the world by storm ever since it was introduced. How? Here are the advantages of biometric smart locks to help us answer the question.

Additional levels of security

The main advantage of biometric smart lock over traditional forms of locks is that the former provides multiple layers of security to a locking system in a way the latter fails to. Take the case of fingerprint sensors in biometric locks. Only people who have embedded their fingerprint onto the biometric system would be allowed to enter the premises by scanning their fingerprint. As no two people have the same set of fingerprints anywhere in the world, this gives it an impregnable level of security that other traditional systems cannot afford to. This is one of the main reasons why biometric smart locks have risen to the top in the field of security systems and locks.

Difficult to breach

When compared to traditional security systems like lock and key, password protection, etc. Biometric smart locks are much more difficult to breach and/or override. A password protected system can be unlocked by skilled hackers, a locked door can be dismantled. But overriding a biometric smart lock system is virtually impossible. Only those whose fingerprints or eye scans have been loaded onto the security system will have access to the same. Replicating it is not just a difficult task but also an impossible one. 

Easier to handle

Biometric smart locks are much easier to handle and maintain on a day to day basis. You no longer have to search for misplaced keys and waste precious time and energy. Nor do you have to remember or carry your password all the time with you, with the omnipresent threat of losing it. With a biometric smart lock system, all such inconveniences can be eliminated, making it much more easy to handle.

Easy to install & operate

Biometric smart locks can be easily installed in offices or homes. The day to day operation of biometric smart locks can also be done in a hassle free manner. You only need to hire a technician at the time of installation. Once your biometric data is entered into the system, it will function automatically and would not require any further maintenance. Only if a malfunction occurs you would be required to avail the services of a professional, who can rectify the problem at the earliest.

Cost effective

Even though there might be some cost involved in the initial installation of a biometric smart lock system, it is highly effective in the long run. Biometric smart locks are weather resistant, durable, rust resistant and does not require regular maintenance or replacement like a traditional lock, which makes it the more economical option.

If all this has sold you on the idea of installing a biometric smart lock system at your workplace or your home, you need to select the best security partner who can provide you with the most efficient and high performing biometric smart lock system. This is where the Biometric Smart Lock by Secnor comes in.

Secnor smart lock provides convenience & flexibility through multiple unlocking methods such as fingerprint, RFID Card, Mobile App etc. With a highly durable steel outer body, it is powered by 4 AA batteries, which would last for a year. The Secnor smart lock can be operated via an app, which is available for both Android and iOS phones. This is an integrated security solution application that facilitates the control of the opening and closing of your Secnor Biometric Smart door locks. Highly user friendly, it also allows you to personalize the lock settings as per your interests.

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