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Norden is one of its own kind manufacturer and supplier of the ELV and Optical Solutions of all kinds that have been tried and tested and cater to a wide spectrum of environments such as the telecommunications, buildings, utilities and industries, surveillance systems and Public Addressing Systems. The company provides some of the exemplary devices and solutions having the best modern technology as their working foundations.

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Norden Product Line

Norden Surveillance System

Promising a safe and secure premise, with our advanced surveillance systems. Integrated with ultramodern technology, to guard your premises around the clock, in all climatic scenarios.

Innovative security at your fingertips

Tame technology to improve productivity

Norden Access Control System

Install Norden access control systems and easily control the access. Get proper log data of the employees, prevent the entry of unauthorized personnel, and ensure systematic functioning. No need for a guard or security person once you have this advanced system.

Norden Public Address System

Communicate with the employees in your firm, circulate information in the organisation, alert the team in case of emergency; the advantages of a public address system are many. Choose Norden PA system, the best PA system for installation at your entity.

Systems that facilitate clear communication

Consistent and seamless connectivity guaranteed


Excellent quality cables that would offer a seamless, trouble-free, service. Norden offers you a magnificent range of cables including copper cables, fibre cables, network cables and industrial cables. Manufactured under stringent supervision, observing the highest quality standards, the cables are of excellent quality.


To gain global recognition through top-notch solutions and innovative products that redefine excellence. We strive to deliver the best products that are incorporated with futuristic technology. Striding ahead with this meticulous and optimistic attitude, we envisage becoming the most credible brand and the industry leader through our advanced product lineup. A well-defined and refined process, formulated by our expert professionals, is driving us ahead with solid steps. In the endeavour to be the most reliable brand in the sector.


At Norden Communication, we are dedicated to crafting innovative technology that enhances global safety, security, and communication. Our mission is to protect lives, secure assets, and facilitate seamless connectivity by delivering cutting-edge, reliable solutions. As an ethical, green, and environmentally conscious company, we are committed to sustainability in every aspect of our operations. We pride ourselves on being a culturally diverse and inclusive employer, fostering a collaborative environment that values and respects differences. Our aim is to become a trusted, mono-brand, single-source provider for safety, security, and communications solutions globally, driving progress and excellence for a safer, more connected, and inclusive future.