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Data Center Cabinets

Data Center Cabinets

  • Aisle Rack

    CACS (Cold Aisle Containment System) By using cold aisle containment system, the hot and cold air streams are separated; providing significant energy savings over traditional uncontained configurations. High energy costs and consumption rates have forced professionals to consider hot-air and cold-air containment strategies. Aisle containment allows uniform inlet temperatures and...

  • Dual Rack

    Norden DataCAB rack is designed to efficiently manage high density equipment datacenter leveraging high capacity vertical space between and at the ends of dual rack. The extra space available with reduction of horizontal cable management free more space for higher number of active and passive equipments, giving them higher scalability and manageability than...

  • Next Rack

    The Next Rack range of floor standing cabinets are designed for communication rooms and data centers. The smart design and professional engineering provides easy installation and maintenance. Comply with ANSI/EIA RS- 310-D, IEC 297-2, DIN 41491, PART 1, DIN 41497, PART 7, GB/T3047.2-92, ETSI standards.