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The Partnership Building programme at Norden Communications has been designed and developed as per the international standards to cater to the various requirements and major pain areas of an efficient and valuable partnership. Providing all kinds of training via the videos, physical sessions and information dissemination in the form of online and offline resources, the Norden Communications leave no stone unturned to work towards a really beneficial partnership.

How do you become a Norden Accredited Partner?

Norden Communications is a well-known brand with international status and repute that has been continuously growing since its inception and humble beginnings. Always looking forward to the installation companies domain specific partners that want to work in a joint manner to deliver the products and services, the Norden Communications entertains valuable and value-adding partners.

If you wish to get associated with the Norden Communications and become an integral part of the attractive service and product portfolio of Norden, then send in the letter of interests stating the subject matter and partnership area in detail at [email protected]  All the letters of interest will pass through the upper management and stakeholders and will be responded to, as soon as possible. The responses will be conclusive and inclusive in terms of the partnership and values that will be added at both the sides