Norden Partner Programme

Be a part of Norden, one of the leading Telecommunication providers in the world

Partner With Norden

Norden aims to join hands with potential partners to ensure that we offer quality installation of our products and the best of our services. We are happy to work with a network of distribution partners to offer a comprehensive range of products. Our partners offer sales and technical assistance, as well as carry critical product lines, allowing us to respond to local requests promptly and effectively. Norden has always ensured complete technical and sales support to our partners as they are our most valuable assets. We aim to indulge in a mutually beneficial partnership with potential Distributors, Installers, Solutions Providers, Consultants, and End Users. Our brands, namely NCS, Eyenor, Secnor, and NVS, have been backed by top levels of commitment and training levels to cater to today's market.

Partnership with Norden

Why the Norden Global Partner Program?

Norden Communications is a well-known brand with international status and repute that has been continuously growing since its inception and humble beginnings. Always looking forward to the installation companies domain specific partners that want to work in a joint manner to deliver the products and services, the Norden Communications entertains valuable and value-adding partners.

If you wish to get associated with the Norden Communications and become an integral part of the attractive service and product portfolio of Norden, then send in the letter of interests stating the subject matter and partnership area in detail at All the letters of interest will pass through the upper management and stakeholders and will be responded to, as soon as possible. The responses will be conclusive and inclusive in terms of the partnership and values that will be added at both the sides

Why the Norden Global Partner Program?

Do you wish to partner with Norden?

To become a partner with Norden, begin with an application. Start by filling in our application form indicating your interest to become our partner and return it. We can then advise which training courses are required to attain that level.

For more details reach out to us at: [email protected]

Partner Benefits

The Norden Global Partner Program offers several benefits to its partners.

Technical Training and Sales Enablement

Norden will provide technical training in various formats, such as online courses via learning management systems or in-person sessions. Sales enablement content includes white papers, sales scripts, competitor comparisons, and presentations.

Demonstration Equipment

Discounted NFR demo kit will also be available.

Incentives and Discounts

Partners will be incentivized to resell Norden products and services. Rewards can include enhanced discounts, back-end rebates, and sales performance incentive funds.

Project Registration

Partners use the Norden Project Registration System to register projects and request exclusive rights for pursuing the deal and it helps them protect their investment in sales opportunities.

Marketing Assets

The Norden Partner Program will generally offer a range of marketing materials, tools, and resources that partners can use to launch campaigns.

Partner Portals

Using the portal, partners can access Norden’s project registration system, online training, and sales and marketing information and content.