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The access card cabinet lock from Norden is made of zinc alloy material. It is installed on the cabinet. When the IC card is swiped across the card area, green...

Norden Blanking panels used to controls airflow for optimized cooling effectiveness.

NORDEN C13 Socket IP-PDU Units are designed and manufactured in a Modularized way exclusively for cabinets. The product is equipped with supply socket modules meeting different systems and standards in...

This shelf uses for placing the equipments inside the cabinet. Available on different sizes.  

Castors are available in different sizes either heavy duty or light duty with break/without breaks.

NORDEN digital temperature unit adjust inner cabinets temperature by intelligent control through fan unit. Simple structure ensure easy installation and cabling operation with 2 way output.    

The door sensor contacts to the host device and directly monitors the open/close statues of door in the equipment room. An alarm will be sent when the door is open.

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