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Connection and Disconnection Modules

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3 pole overvoltage arrestor (metallic/ceramic) filled with noble-gas and optional fail-safe, type 8x13. Reliable limitation of over voltages and diversion of high currents.        

This label holder can be directly mounted on the front of the connection or disconnection module. Paper label and transparent cover included.      

Identification of the modules and supplied with 1 set with one piece each type.        

Norden LSA Profile Connection/Disconnection modules are designed for telecommunication and data communication networks especially to use in MDF, IDF, cross connection cabinets, DPs and are available in 8 pair, 10...

The magazines are designed for the complete equipped connection or disconnection modules. Compatible with overvoltage protection in analogue telecommunication systems. The overvoltage arrestors and the fail-safe elements can be replaced...

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