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Face Plate

Face Plate


    Norden offers a variety of face plates to provide the basis for a wide range of possible information outlet combinations. Norden face plates accept any combination of Norden’s keystone Jacks, Euro-LJ6C, blank modules, brackets etc. and are available in both angled & flat Versions.These are available in shuttered and blank...

  • Face Plate USA Standard

    Norden offers a  faceplates in USA standard to provide the basis for a wide range of possible information outlet combinations. These are available in blank (modular) forms with USA styles. The module features a designated area for labeling and these are supplied with M3.5 mounting screws.Norden faceplate is the ideal...

  • Steel Face Plate

    Norden brushed stainless steel faceplates allow mounting any two combination of keystone Jacks or blank or Euro module. Stainless steel faceplates are ideal for use in environments that require greater durability and a sanitary, easy-to-clean solution. This face plate is ideal for space limited areas or desk-top trunking where a...


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