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A mark of a modern-day home or office space would be the different functional elements they embody, such as having home theatre, speakers, smart bulbs, etc. Almost every premise would have a speaker, either wall-mounted or standard, as part of the home theatre system or for acoustics purposes. Many are increasingly opting for wall mounted speakers for the efficiency and better performance it assures. Before we get into the main point of why choose wall mounted speakers, let us understand what they are:

Wall Mounted Speakers

Wall mounted speakers, as the name suggests, are speakers that are hoisted onto the walls or placed inside the walls. These are the most convenient type of speakers as they take up minimal space and can be installed with ease. They come in a range of sizes and features, suitable for every budget and need.

Easy to Install and Operate

Wall mounted speakers are easy to install and operate on a day to day basis, especially in places not having a false ceiling. With just a remote control or press of a button on your smartphone you can stream music from your device or from the internet through your wall mounted speaker. You can also adjust volume and other settings with just a touch of your finger making it much more easier to operate than a traditional floor standing speaker. With strategic placements around the house, you can ensure the sound reaches everywhere in the same clarity. The only factor is, that the initial installation will have to be undertaken with the help of experts and cannot be done on your own.

Multiple Placement Options

One of the biggest advantages of wall mounted speakers is the various placement options that the former provides. If your house or office space does not have a false ceiling, wall mounted speakers would be the perfect choice. Being part of the interior design of the house, wall mounted speakers can be placed anywhere from the hallways, kitchen, bedroom or other spaces to transmit sound and audio in an equally crisp and clear manner. With normal/standard speakers, you would need to carry the heavy equipment around the house, which can be a cumbersome process every time. In addition to the same, wall mounted speakers provide a much better surround sound effect, which makes them the perfect choice for home theatre or media room. 

Sound Quality

The main point of contention of choosing wall mount speakers would be the impressive sound quality that the former has to offer. Wall mount speakers can accommodate multiple drivers at the same time which in turn ensures that it can handle a wider range of frequencies. All this contributes to wall mount speakers having superior sound quality and coverage than traditional speakers. 

Cohesion of Sound

Having speakers, especially wall mounted speakers, installed in your home or institutes compels you to ensure that there is cohesion of sound or voice matching with each unit. Each of the speakers will have their own signature sound, which can be enjoyed best if they are complementary to each other. This can be achieved by using speakers from a single manufacturer, such as Norden.

These are a few compelling reasons why wall mounted speakers are preferred over floor standing speakers. If you are looking to revamp your home or office space with wall mounted speakers, you have come to the right place. With a wide range of wall mounted speakers in every budget and style, Norden Communication provides you unmatched quality and audio clarity like no one else. Get the most out of your wall mounted speakers and sound cohesion with the superior quality range of wall mount speakers from Norden.

Norden Wall Mount Speaker

Norden Communication offers full-range wall mount speakers designed for professional music and speech reproduction in a splendid range of background and foreground audio applications. The robust and classic design of these wall mount speakers specifically suits different commercial interiors. It is ideal for single-source audio in smaller venues as well. The 2-way system with integrated passive crossover network and tweeter overload protection is another highlight of Norden’s wall mount speaker. What makes the Norden wall-mounted speaker different is its perfect reproduction of music and speech for indoor use, effective high power output for powerful sound, 30 Watt RMS running to 60 Watt maximum,  and simple installation.